Diana Drive Streetscape

Whitehorse City Council has upgraded the streetscape near the strip shops on Diana Drive in Blackburn North, Melbourne. The works have updated the strip with a modern pavement consisting of black asphalt inlaid with exposed aggregate concrete panels. Four tree pits were included in the design and each of these was fitted with an enviss tree surround grate to complement the expose aggregate concrete finish and to provide improved infiltration of runoff.

The enviss tree surround grates provide a flush, pedestrian and bicycle safe surface while allowing water to pass through into the soil below, keeping the tree watered and healthy. As the water is filtered, litter, leaves and other gross pollutants are kept out of the pits, which can be easily swept clean. As the trees grow, the roots will have plenty of room to grow and will not damage the permeable surface. If maintenance is required, the grates can be easily removed and replaced using the built in lifting lugs.