Consultancy Services

Construction Water Management

Poor management of water on construction sites can lead to delays and breaches of environmental regulations. Enviss provides advice on water management strategy and treatment options where required.

Industrial Water Treatment

Enviss can assist industrial clients in meeting discharge requirements for their process waste water by providing advice and design of suitable processes.

Urban Stormwater Treatment

Enviss provides advice on urban water cycle management to minimise the impact on the environment and meet regulatory requirements. This includes the design of storm water treatment for discharge and harvesting.

Onsite Wastewater Services

Enviss takes a whole of system approach to determining and solving water problems. Our engineers look for underlying causes rather than recommending products that treat the symptoms. Our holiday park experience covers a range of common water related problems:

  • Pumping issues
  • Treatment performance
  • Treatment capacity
  • Effluent disposal
  • Odour issues
  • Leaks and blockages
  • Risk management

When recommending solutions Enviss considers a range of factors to ensure long term operational improvement and sustainability of your park.

  • Costs, upfront and ongoing
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Impact of future development
  • Impact of busy and quiet periods

Odour Management

Odour issues are common with ageing onsite wastewater systems. Enviss engineers locate the source of the odour and then design a customised solution.

Enviss manufacturers and installs a range of odours management products, including:

  • Sealed pit access covers
  • Odour absorbers
  • Passive and mechanical ventilation


Sewage pumping is a common source of problems. Enviss solves ongoing pumping issues by thoroughly investigating the causes.

  • Blockages
  • Poor pumping capacity
  • Pump failures
  • Automation and control failures

Effluent Disposal

Treatment of effluent is not the final step in management of onsite wastewater. Enviss advises on disposal strategies for treated effluent.

  • Landscape irrigation
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Fire service water

Project Management

Enviss manages your wastewater project through all stages.

  • Site investigation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning