Sewage Treatment Systems

Modular, energy efficient sewage treatment systems that produce high quality water

  • High Capacity, high performance

    Enviss systems have a high treatment capacity on a small footprint. The treatment technology is compact and can handle high volumes of water.

  • Low Energy Use

    The Enviss treatment method uses water pumps rather than blowers to more efficiently provide high levels of oxygen to the bacteria. This means lower electricity use and lower running costs.

  • Above or Below Ground

    The Enviss system has been designed to allow for above or below ground installation to suit site conditions.

  • No Odours

    The biological process generates very few odours and these are eliminated using a long life air scrubber. This means no nasty septic odours and a better environment for residents.

  • Fully Automated

    The process is fully automated and only requires weekly inspection. The on board controlled can adjust treatment cycles depending on the load to optimise the bacteria growing conditions.

  • Quiet Operation

    Without blowers the system is very quiet and can be operated 24 hours a day.